The evolution from sport to lifestyle

Climbing. Sport or lifestlye? Well, it’s been both for me.  I used to put all of my focus into one sport and one passion, soccer.  I played soccer every day, practiced hard, blood,… Continue reading

Back in the Saddle, kind of.

I went archery elk hunting in Colorado two weeks ago and came home elkless, but scored a bum ankle.  I was hiking out after dark on a scree slope when the trail I… Continue reading

My First Published Writing

I just recently was hired to write my own column for The Collegian, the South Dakota State University newspaper.  I get to write about whatever outdoorsy thing I feel like writing. It’s pretty… Continue reading

Here I Am

Well, I broke down and started a blog.  I just recently started my own column in the South Dakota State University newspaper “The Collegian.”  I really enjoyed writing my article for it and… Continue reading