Update Fail

Yeah I definitely failed hard at updating throughout the weekend. Pretty uneventful weekend, sorry for the lacking post here. I have a few articles I’m writing for my magazine writing class so I’ll… Continue reading

The Rut

Just thought I’d give short updates throughout the weekend. It’s definitely pre rut this weekend. For those of you who don’t know there are a few weeks out of every year when bucks… Continue reading

Out With the Old, in With the New

Remember being a noob?  I remember thinking I was the coolest thing since mullets, well OK so mullets are still rad.  You get my point.  I had a BD momentum harness, a BD… Continue reading

Treestand Prose

The sound of my alarm permeates the room as I jolt to a conscious state.  It’s 5:30 a.m. and the idea that I’m readying to hunt awakens me faster than cold water on… Continue reading

Family Pheasant Hunt

South Dakota is well known for three things, being boring and flat, having Mt. Rushmore, and Pheasant Hunting.  Hunters from all over the U.S. converge on the South Dakota plains every October for… Continue reading

Deer Tranquilizing

I was lucky enough to sit in on a deer tranquilizing lab this morning.  SDSU is doing nutritional research on white-tailed deer at their outdoor research facility.  The deer are being housed in… Continue reading

The Article that didn’t make the Paper

So my article came out today in The Collegian,  my editor had to shorten it for the space provided. Below is the actual article I wrote before it was summarized for the space… Continue reading

New Season

Just a quick post here. I’ve been noticing the changes in the weather here in the Midwest. The cloud cover has changed significantly. Every year you can tell when the temps are dropping… Continue reading

Live Beyond the Weather

Weather is the ass end of the outdoors, enough said.  It never fails to completely alter my plan behind a trip.  This past weekend was a three day weekend thanks to Columbus day,… Continue reading

Getting out of the flatlands

I’m headed to the Black Hills this weekend to do some climbing. On Saturday the Black Hills Climbing Coalition is hosting the annual Needles Pumpkin Party. Were all going to climb in the… Continue reading