A New Climbing Season, A New Life

Last night a breeze picked up and the pitter patter of dried leaves hitting the pavement sparked a drive I was just beginning to lose. The humidity that’s been draped over me the… Continue reading

Cognitive Paleontology (Read to learn what that is)

I made my first cross country trip when I was two months old.  When I say cross country, I mean we drove from southeast Alabama to central Alaska, the epitome of cross-country.  We… Continue reading


The older I get. The more experienced I feel, and the farther I travel, the more I feel like I grow even farther away from figuring life out.  One thing I’ve come to… Continue reading

The Beginning of an Outdoor Life

I constantly try to pinpoint a time in my life when my outlook on living changed.  A single event that swayed me towards this life of outdoor pursuits instead of being a video… Continue reading

The End of Travels, for a while.

If you’ve ever seen the Grammys, the MTV Awards, the Emmy’s, the Kid’s Choice Awards etc, then you’ve seen a thank you speech.  Here’s a generic one; “Wow….wowwwww, thank you guys so much!… Continue reading

Traveling Leg 6: Arkansas Crushing

Leaving Alabama marked the beginning of my true homelessness.  The night before my departure, I toiled away trying to prepare my truck for living.  I folded down the back seats to make a… Continue reading

Traveling Part 5: Extended stay in Alabama for my Grandpa’s Recovery

I know, I know.  I’ve already got a “Traveling Leg 1: Alabama” post.  Sue me, I went back! I wanted to be home again for a while during my grandpa’s surgery time frame.… Continue reading

Review of Salt Lake City

Now that I’m no longer a resident of Salt Lake City, I feel I can properly and fairly issue my critique of the city. I moved to Salt Lake City early May of… Continue reading

Traveling Part 3: Great Faces, Great Places

I graduated from South Dakota State University last year and told myself I wasn’t coming back.  Here I was. Back by definition.  My eyes trained up, the road became secondary while I scanned… Continue reading

Traveling Part 4, Nashville the Music City

The bright lights of the bar signs illuminate the ground in front of me while I bob and weave through cowboy hats and high heels.  The chilly night air is filled with sounds… Continue reading