Review of Qatar Airways

A review of Qatar Airways, 4 stars.

           This is the only time I have ever flown Qatar Airways but I was incredibly impressed and would fly with them again in a heartbeat. The entire flight was operated by Qatar Airways, but the first flight was an American Airlines flight from Atlanta to Dallas. In Dallas I only had an hour to get all the way to the other side of the airport and enter the International terminal. Luckily, Dallas has a sky train that is easy to access and is a quick way to get where you’re going. When I checked in at the Qatar Airways desk they confirmed that my bag was en route, I checked once again as I boarded and they confirmed it was on the plane.   

 The plane was enormous, as expected for a 14 hour flight. There was a large, bustling staff of maroon clad men and women racing around the plane continuously. The loud clicking and clacking of latched cabinets and wheeled carts became white noise to my incessant play on the touch screen embedded in the headrest 2 feet from my face. My only complaint from my entire trip was that my touch screen tv was irreversibly stuck in French and about 50% of the touch buttons wouldn’t work. Regardless, I was able to play movies and entertain myself because the movies played in English.

          I ordered beers, and even a vodka pineapple juice. The meals were delicious and I enjoyed that I had a choice for each serving. Things really picked up in hospitality when I actually arrived in Doha. The front desk clerk informed me I qualified for a complimentary hotel room, which they swiftly checked me into, arranged for a shuttle transport and comped me 150QR (~$40) for food at the hotel. Within an hour of landing I was showering under a rainfall showerhead at the Oryx Rotana Hotel on the outskirts of Doha. I checked the price of booking an individual king size room, $300.

          I watched national geographic television and ordered a pizza through room service. The next morning I once again was shuttled back to the airport where I breezed through immigration and into the terminal. Once I checked into my Kathmandu flight, the clerk informed me I had been awarded a free upgrade to business class. Ecstatic, I boarded the flight to sit in an electronic reclining chair, likened to a hospital bed. Better than anything was the ample leg room for my 6ft self. Before I even took off I was given a coffee and ordered a meal with wine. After takeoff the flight attendant came and laid a white tablecloth across the pull out tray in front of me, and served me warm bread with butter, a meal of stuffed chicken and rice followed by a bowl of fresh fruit. She continued to serve me wine as I enjoyed a movie and lounged in my special chair for the rest of the flight.

          I was never delayed throughout the entire itinerary, in fact I arrived early at all three locations. Thank you Qatar Airways for the best flight experience I have ever had. Once again, four stars.


tons of leg toom in business class