Adventure Begins before the Adventure Begins

I haven’t even left the US yet and already there are major issues with the trip. On my way to the Atlanta airport this morning, my brother called me to deliver some unfortunately annoying news. Consequence of an unofficial trade embargo enacted on Nepal by India, jet fuel shipments are not being received at the Kathmandu airport. The airport has issued a warning that any flights arriving at their airport must have enough fuel to make it to their next destination for they cannot refuel in Kathmandu at this time.

Ryan, my brother, and our three other Salt Lake City friends who were due to meet and travel with me, me with Them, have had their flights cancelled and refunded. As of right now they have no guaranteed entry into Nepal. This worried me, being that my flight, through a different airline, might also be cancelled. After a short phone call with Qatar Airways they assured me there were no cancellations on flights to Kathmandu. However I still face the risk of arriving in Doha, Qatar to find out that my flight forward to Kathmandu has been cancelled. Qatar Airways has assured me that in the event of such an occurrence they would accommodate me and provide me with a solution.

With one last assurance check at the check in gate here in Atlanta, I boarded my flight and decided to let the universe decide my future.

I now face these situations: I could arrive in Doha and everything is fine and I catch my flight to Kathmandu and have to kill time waiting for my friends to arrive. Or I get stuck in Qatar and either get forced to come home, or fly somewhere else. Which leads to Ryan’s decision, if he can’t get assured passage to Nepal he’s going to fly to Indonesia and start his travels there then go to Nepal. If he does that, I’ll catch a flight from Qatar or Kathmandu to Indonesia and join his itinerary from a different jump off point. Either way…I’m headed back out, without reassurance of my destination, and hell, what’s not exciting about that?!