My trip Anti Start

Greetings from not where you expect me, Minneapolis Minnesota. The perils of international travel have coincided with Murphys Law to create the most elaborate abomination of my travel plans.

Yesterday I entered MSP airport at 1200 for my 245 United Airlines flight. At the gate I was informed that my flight was delayed until 4 and not due to arrive to Chicago until 6 at which my following flight to Miami was due to depart at 630. Slowly my flight was delayed until ETA was after 7. I asked to be moved to a flight that would make my connection so I was switched to an American Airlines flight due to arrive in Chicago at 530 and all was right with the world once again. They had my bag moved to my new flight and I switched gates only to have THAT flight delayed until Chicago ETA 7pm as well. I was directed back to the United Airlines kiosk to attempt a Delta departure which had no vacancies. United Airlines informed me that the earliest possible time that I could get to Miami was 11am on Dec 31. However, my international flight to Buenos Aires was due to depart at 830am from Miami. Normally if this was all one itinerary United Airlines would be responsible for making sure I arrive in Buenos Aires ASAP but, I had to book my flights to Miami with an old United Airlines credit that wouldn’t cover my Buenos Aires departure. So I had two separate itineraries that weren’t affiliated. United Airlines can not be held responsible if I miss the departure of a non affiliate itinerary.

I contacted Aerolineas Argentinas which is my Argentinian airline to see if I could move my departure to a day later. They said yes, but I would have to pay a $200 change fee which I agreed to. However after she started to change the flight she noticed I had paid for a promotional ticket on New Years Eve which cost me $390, all part of my budget travel. She said that if I wished to move my flight out of the promotional flight date I would have to pay the difference of the non promotional flight cost. Being that there were no other flights departing on New Years Eve, I was forced to move to another date. The difference in cost of flying on New Year’s Eve and one day later was $1450, plus the $200 change fee so $1650. Which is unimaginable and would render me unable to travel.

So, I stood at the United Airlines kiosk until the entire plane was loaded and I looked at the lady, at 5:45pm and said, when will this flight land in Chicago if it leaves in 10 mins, she said, 7:12. I was faced with the decision to pull my bag from the plane and walk away from my dream trip. The plane took off without me on it rendering me stuck in Minneapolis and missing my flight to Buenos Aires.

I contacted my Argentinian airline this morning in an effort to get a refund but there was absolutely no way to refund it. I received a refund for my flight to Miami and a refund on my flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia but lost the $390 I spent on the flight from Miami to Buenos Aires.

I’m down, but I’m not out!!! This morning I was able to find a flight departing Sioux Falls, SD to Miami for $130 on Jan 12. I’m going to book that. Then I will board a ROUND TRIP flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile which will leave the 14th (giving me 48hours for airline mess ups) and I will have a return flight from Santiago to Miami on March 24. Giving me two full months of travel and that ticket costs $800. So for $930 I’m back in the game and my budget for a return flight before was $1300 so I’m still under budget for airfare on my trip, I’ve had to sacrifice my journey to the southernmost city in the world (Ushuaia) but I can still make all my climbing destinations during the summer season.

I’ve learned some lessons, and while I still think this is all a vicious bite of consequence, I can’t help but feel some of it is my own fault as well. Oh, and instead of them pulling the bag like they said they would they sent it to Miami so I’m stuck in Minneapolis waiting for the return of all of my travel gear until the end of the week.

Murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong, will. Hopefully suffering every hardship of travel before my feet even left The ground will render the rest of my salvaged travel plans easy. Thanks once again for your support and hopefully my newly planned journey will prove as entertaining as the original would have been. Much love from my end. Look for a new update as I try to depart again on the 12. –Reed