Hey everyone. This is just a little tidbit of info for all you travelers out there, or those who love adventure photography. There is an app called Yonder floating around in the cyber world designed for us lovers of the outdoors. It’s basically an Instagram for outdoor oriented folks. You choose from a set of filters and then Yonder filters the photos you can see based on the activities you choose to filter by. You can see photos from all over the world and look at maps of where it is.

The best part of the app is a feature for traveling. Wherever you are, you can load a map of your current location which displays photos taken nearby, you can then load it on your apple maps to take you right to the attraction. It’s a great resource for travelers and weekend warriors alike trying too seek adventures close to you.

Join up and get out there and hashtag your photos #fillyourpages to shoot me a shoutout.

Interested in trying her out. Follow this link: