5 Steps to Living out of your car and Traveling

Since January 27, 2013, I have essentially been continuously living out of a bag and using the truck as home base.  There was a brief period of almost regularity when I was working in Texas.  Even then, as the renter of a home I spent 10 days of actual staying in the house.  Otherwise I was out on the road traveling from town to town working on cell phone towers in, you guessed it, the truck.  Followed by that, I spent 40 days living in my ex-girlfriends house in Maryland.  That was the closest I felt to being a real citizen of society, she was a great person for allowing me that serenity and I will always be grateful.

I get asked a lot how I live my life in the truck.  I’m writing here now to diminish my accomplishment of being 5 days away from a year of living out of a bag and in a truck.  360 days in and I have no intention of renting or owning a house for a long long time.  These 5 steps to my life in the truck are listed from 5-1, one being the most important step of all.

Step 5: Organization

I’m pretty bad at this step.  For all of those who have seen the inside of my truck it looks like chaos, but it’s definitely an organized chaos.  Having everything in a known place makes shifting from endeavor to endeavor easier.  My work stuff is one spot, my clothes are always in one spot, my climbing gear is always in the same spot, my winter gear is always in the same place and I have a method for converting the back of the truck to a bed.  I even have a flashlight taser for that one time someone tries something fishy! Knowing where everything is, is very important.  It also gives your vehicle a little more feeling of home because like a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom everything is where it belongs.

Step 4: Entertainment

Obviously my number one form of entertainment is some form of outdoor activity.  However, you have to keep yourself entertained during all the hours behind the wheel and the countless hours you spend alone.  Mine; music.  I put so many miles on the road that I have to find a way to keep that exciting and for me jamming to some good tunes is the way to keep the tires rolling. I installed a stereo in my truck that allows me to plug my iphone directly into the stereo and control Pandora. It’s safe to say that if I’m in the truck, Pandora is playing a conglomeration of amazing artists.

Step 3: Maintenance

Treating my truck like my house is a mentality I have been forced to adopt.  A regular vehicle doesn’t need maintenance so regularly, but because I’m constantly on the move I have to adopt a different idea of what my truck really is.  A house has regular maintenance needs such as yard work, leaky pipes, leaky roofs, light bulbs, cleaning, air filter changes, etc etc.  I have to accept that those normal things happen with the truck, such as oil changes, alignments, tires, car washes, etc etc.  Maintaining a healthy vehicle is maintaining a healthy house when both are synonymous.

Step 2: Have a good travel companion

Sadey! She has been the perfect companion.  Her maintenance is low but she gives me just the perfect amount of company that I never really feel alone.  Sadey and I spend so much time together that I now feel weird when she isn’t around.  As sappy as it sounds, she really is the best thing about traveling, I love her a ton 🙂

Step 1: Having Amazing Friends and Family

This is legitimately the only reason I keep traveling.  I have been lucky enough my entire life to live all over the country making friends.  In conjunction with how open armed my family is to me, I travel in luxury.  The truth is, I rarely spend a night in the bed of the truck.  I seem to always have a couch, a bed, a floor, or a camper to sleep in.  I’ve stayed in condos in Jackson Hole, in cabins in the Black Hills under a pool table, on the couches of apartments in Vail, in a foldout bed in a truck camper, on the floor of homes in Vegas, on couches all over the country, in guest bedrooms with dinners made every night, and guest bedrooms with keggerators 10 feet from my door.  I hands down know the most amazing people and have the greatest family in all reaches of the United States.  Thanks guys for keeping my traveling, nomadic lifestyle rolling (pun intended).