The End of Travels, for a while.

If you’ve ever seen the Grammys, the MTV Awards, the Emmy’s, the Kid’s Choice Awards etc, then you’ve seen a thank you speech.  Here’s a generic one;

“Wow….wowwwww, thank you guys so much! I don’t know what to say.  This thing is heavy! Um, (insert corny joke here) (laugh at own joke here).  I’d really like to thank my family, especially my (spouse) who’s been there for me since my start. Also I’d like to thank (name) (name) (name) anddddd (name) and (name) and God. But most of all, I want to thank my fans!”

Well, I didn’t receive an award, or make any money (the opposite rather), and I have no fans.  So I just cut half of this rigamarole out.  But really, I traveled for two months on a relatively small amount of money, and hung with some great friends, had some great food, some great beer, enjoyed great climbing and pretty much had a blast for two months.

I started off the trip by flying to Alabama from SLC for a week.  Thanks to Ryan for driving me to, and picking me up from the airport.  Thanks to Alex and Ryan and Sean for letting me stay at your house for a a few days, and more specifically Sabrina for letting me crash on your bed in your absence.

I left SLC after my return from Alabama and drove to Ft. Collins, CO.  I climbed with Ben in Poudre Canyon for a day and had some good best friend time with Kristen as well.  I appreciate you Kristen for letting me stay at your place! and Ben for climbing with me that day!

After that I cruised up to Rapid City and hung out with Bryce and climbed for a few days.  Thanks Bryce for letting Ryan and I crash on your couches! Thanks to Ashten for having a wedding and letting Ryan and I drink all your free beer!

I left there and drove through to Brookings and taught a route setting class for my old climbing gym.  Thanks to Holly for setting that up and the whole SDSU Rockwall staff for coming out and letting me hang out! Thanks to Logan and Tony for letting me crash with you guys.

From here I drove to Nashville where I went to one of my best friend’s concerts in downtown Nashville.  Thanks to Stewart, Holly, OJ, and Cory for letting me crash with you guys and for getting Waffle House with me! Thanks also to the cute bartender at Tequila Cowboy for talking with me for the 6 hours I was at that concert, and to Chris who came and joined me.

I tried to climb for a few days after this to no avail due to the weather so I headed south to my hometown of Enterprise, AL.  I spent the next three weeks hanging out with old friends (Thanks to Christian, Teegarden, Tyler, and Dexter for entertaining me as much as possible in that black hole of boringness!) Thanks to Jessie for climbing with me (already thanked you for this but worth saying again!).  More importantly, thank you to my mom.  You always told me if I needed anything I could come home, and you pulled through! I loved spending time with you and Rory again and I appreciate your hospitality wholeheartedly.  I’d like to thank my Grandma (Shy) for always being positive! My grandpa was really sick and was going through a series of surgery so I spent a lot of time in the hospital with him, I’d like to thank him for being strong during the surgeries and the nurses for dealing with his stubbornness and sarcasm.

Thanks also to Ryan B. and Maddie for letting me crash at your place and hang out with you guys…even if we didn’t go to Waffle House. (Still bitter)

I left Enterprise and drove to NW Arkansas to meet up with some old college friends for a week of climbing.  Thanks to Logan, Cory, Jerra, and Ozan for being rad and to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch for also being rad!

I drove north to Sioux Falls, SD through some shitty road conditions, thanks to Cory for riding with me and keeping me company.  I stayed with my cousin Samm for a few days in Sioux Falls.  Thanks to her for opening her apartment for me, to my cousins Dale and Jess for going to dinner with me, and to my Aunt Holly and Uncle Dan for making dinner for me one night.

After Sioux Falls I drove an hour north to Brookings to party four days with old college friends.  Thanks to Logan and Tony for letting me crash at your places, and to John H. for stealing my dog! Thanks to everyone I saw downtown, there’s too many names to mention.

I then stayed with my Aunt Dawn an hour west of Brookings, thanks to her for giving me my first bed for a while! After that I drove across the state to Spearfish, SD and stayed with Ryan and John, thanks guys! I climbed a few days with Mark Ellefson, thanks for showing me some sweet new lines in Spearfish, Mark. Then I stayed with Bryce again for a while, thanks again! And from there I’m currently back in Huron, SD with my Aunt Dawn.

Tomorrow I’ll drive to Miller, SD to pick up my grandma and drive to Sioux Falls.  Sunday morning, Grandma and I will fly to Orlando, FL and be in the Tampa area for the week following.  My dad is retiring from the Army as a Colonel.  Thanks Dad for a future week in the sun!

Thanks Everyone! I took a job in Dallas so I’m moving down south to work for a while, wish me luck!