Traveling Part 5: Extended stay in Alabama for my Grandpa’s Recovery

I know, I know.  I’ve already got a “Traveling Leg 1: Alabama” post.  Sue me, I went back! I wanted to be home again for a while during my grandpa’s surgery time frame.  He was scheduled to go back in to have his colostomy bag removed and his plumbing hooked back up.  Going into this portion of my trip, I knew I would be bored..  I was going to be home for three weeks, the longest stint in many a year.  I knew for certain I’d be spending a large portion of my time itching for something exciting to happen to no avail.  That proved true.

I’d like to dedicate this paragraph to Jessie Sewell.  Among other friends who eased my boredom, Jessie stands out.  She is an exciting and motivated person and I appreciate all the times she brought me to the military gym (it had a rock wall) as a guest so I could get my climbing fix in.  Jessie I wish you all the best you little poop mongrel.

However, this is about my grandpa.  Not only do I have a post about Alabama already, I also have a post about my grandpa.  I wrote it over a year ago so it’s a few “Older Posts” clicks back.  In a nutshell, he’s my idol and my best friend.  My grandpa is the most selfless person I know, and I wanted to do my best to mirror that to him in his time of weakness.  I know for damn sure that if I ever had to spend some time in the hospital my grandpa would be there for me, and I was determined to do that for him.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay long enough to see him out of the hospital but I hope he understands my love and gratitude for all that he is based off the time I spent with him.

gpa and i

He is back at home  and on his way to a full recovery.

As far as excitement during this leg of the trip.  I traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL where the University of Alabama is and spent a weekend with some high school friends.  I also attempted to go to my favorite South Alabama landmark, the hanging tree of Geneva, AL (shown below).  However, flooding made it impossible to get any closer than 100 yards away.  Other than that nothing particularly exciting happened so this will be a short and sweet post.

geneva tree

I also run another blog with my brother called Making Once Enough (  It’s a video website that we use to post our adventures.  With that website we hope to motivate others to put down their video game controllers and big macs and seize what this world has to offer.  I put together a video of my time with my grandpa and you can watch it there.  Stay tuned, for I have a good piece to write about my seven day climbing stint in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.