Life of the Unemployed

It’s only appropriate that my last post was about working two jobs.  I have finally reached the end of that tunnel I spoke of and am now unemployed and traveling for a few months.  I quit both of my jobs and I have currently left Salt Lake City behind to chase a big dream for a bit.  After my travels I will be living in Rapid City, SD for a while trying to make that dream come true.  I’ve been working so much that I wasn’t venturing out much in Utah.  I hope the next few months of adventure temporarily appease my wanderlust to I can sit down and get to work once I get to Rapid City.

Salt Lake City is easily the most amazing place I have ever lived, except the inversion (Smog).  If things don’t pan out for me in Rapid City, then I will most definitely be moving back to SLC. This time I’ll get a ski rig so I don’t have to sit and waste away in the valley during the winters.

My travels will take me to Colorado for some climbing, the Black Hills for some climbing and my cousins wedding.  Then down south to Tennessee for some dirty south bouldering and maybe some trad if I can find a partner.  Then Alabama/Georgia for some bouldering where I will then head back to my hometown of Enterprise, AL. I’ll be at home long enough to sell my truck, get a new, smaller truck and then continue the travels to Arkansas for a few weeks of sport climbing/bouldering with some old college friends.  After that I’ll be back in SD working again.  All in all, I will be gone for about two months worth of traveling and about 2500 miles of ground covered.  If you’re along the route and wanna get a beer/food/do some climbing then let me know! I want the trip to be about the people I see just as much as the climbs I do.

I think I’m on the brink of the biggest change of my life and this is a great way to start it.  I hope to have all of your support when I announce my big news.  Also, I plan on maintaining the blog throughout my travels so if you’re interested in my adventure, keep checking back!