A Book…Whoa

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was in sixth grade.  I actually started writing a book in sixth grade, but I was legitimately hand writing it and I made it to 26 wide-ruled front and back pages.  If I’m not mistaken it was called On Day Three or something along those lines.  It was about a guy who is murdered and his wife gets blamed for the murder.  While she’s in jail he descends from the afterlife and helps to free her from the prison shes in and to prove not only her innocence but find the real killer.  The catch: he has three days outside the afterlife to help her and that’s it.

That’s a weird book for a sixth grader to write.

Also, if I’m remembering the details correctly it was really weird and not good at all haha.

However, I still thoroughly enjoy writing.  Obviously, my subjects have changed a bit but not my desire. I recently started thinking about writing a book again.  I don’t plan on picking up where I left off with the bestselling On Day Three or something anywhere close or in the same genre.

Rather, I want to write a non-fiction book about the life of a modern day military dependent (myself).  It would be a series of short stories from my life, the people I’ve met, places I’ve been, things I’ve encountered etc.  Basically it would be a compilation of all the stories (for those of you that know me) that you have had to listen to me tell about four times.  I find myself remembering an endless amount of experiences from my life which I think are worth putting on paper.  However, they all seem to be related to the life I was raised in, or made possible by my childhood on military bases and traveling the United States.  I want it to be deeply connected to my family life, I want it to be not only funny but emotionally gripping as well.  I hope that the book sheds light onto military life, touches on the hardships of divorce, briefly discloses some health issues you may know about me, but overall makes people laugh.

I’m not sure about the processes of writing a book, as in what programs (software related) I should use to write it, how I would go about an editor/publisher and most importantly if anyone would give two poops about my book (that was the censored version). What’s the reason I’m writing about this? Well…

Do any of you have ideas for me? Do you think it could be interesting to other people who have no idea who I am? Do I even write well enough to write a book? Would any of you buy it?
Just looking for a little feeler before I decide to dedicate myself to a lot of finger boxing with my keyboard.