My Wanderlust Affair

I think about my case of wanderlust on a regular basis. A simple question resonates in my thoughts: Is this wanderlust good or bad?

Remember in middle school when our teachers would ask us to make flow charts, or diagrams to analyze our issues and to solve problems?  I decided maybe that was the best thing to do for my current wanderlust analysis.  So of course the classic pros and cons list is the obvious default.

The pros and cons of wanderlust:


  • Seeing new places
  • gets me stoked
  • keeps me stoked
  • being with rad people
  • seeing family
  • climbing
  • culture
  • amazing geography
  • helps me to mature
  • appeases a desire, if only shortly
  • meeting new people


  • Costs a lot of money
  • makes it hard to hold down a job
  • on occasion can bring some stress
  • did I mention it costs a lot
  • causes riffs in newer friendships
  • puts a hold on “normal life”
  • makes my parents shake their heads
  • miles on vehicles
  • puts me away from regular paychecks for a period of time
  • takes a while to readjust to a new place, or back to the place I was before
  • I can’t see everyone when I’m traveling, which can upset people
  • No one really ever wants to travel with me which can get lonely
  • One trip may disallow a different trip financially

So as you can see, the list is pretty even.  Which doesn’t really help.  Middle school has failed me! What finally made my decision was what goes on inside of my head, and not on paper.  I long to travel, I’ve made deep connections with not only the places I’ve been but the people who live there.  To name a few, Kristen and Ben in Colorado, Taylor in Arizona, My family and friends in SD, my family and friends in the southeast and my longest friend Nick out in Virginia and his family.  I don’t take these friendships for granted and to waste good friendship is to waste good life.  When I think about traveling I think not only about the climbs I’ll do, the sights I’ll see, the mountains I’ll summit or the valley’s I’ll traverse, but the people who will be at my side through it all.  My connection to wanderlust, my desire to travel, is mainly just a longing for good company with adventure as a bonus.

For those of you who drive my desire to explore, thank you and I’ll be seeing you all in the near future I’m sure.  As for my internal wanderlust debate, wanderlust is great.  One of these days I hope my travels and experiences introduce me to a lifestyle, a place, a living, and a companionship that I otherwise would’ve never found.