My heart’s been in Utah all along

Well, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride getting out here, getting a job, getting a place to live, getting hours, meeting people, finding climbing areas, having climbing partners, etc.  However, everything seems to be falling into place, minus my financial situation but that’s been an issue for 5 years.  I have this new job at The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City (  It’s been really fun so far! I was hired to basically manage summer programs.  My basic job description is to make sure that parents have paid for students enrolled in our weeklong summer camps, to make sure that all the instructors know what their daily schedule and curriculum is for the camp, and to basically just make sure that the camp goes off without a hitch (that was a run-on sentence).  Unfortunately, camp doesn’t start until next week, so I’ve basically just been working birthday parties (there are a lot of them), running the front desk, and doing a lot, A LOT of wall maintenance. Last week I replaced well over 500 T-Nuts behind the wall.  Make money, make money moneyyyyy.

But anyways, that’s just work.  I’ve also been canyoneering in Zion (hang on for a sweet video my brother and I are putting together of our trip), I spent 4 days in the Moab desert with 20 other people.  We cragged at Wall Street, floated the Colorado, hiked in Arches, and ate a lot of really good food around the campfire.  I’ve been climbing about 4 days a week in the Wasatch range.  I’ve been to Maple Canyon, Maybird Slide, Mt. Olympus, Gate Buttress, and done a lot of lines.  Just this morning I put in 2 good pitches with a new climbing partner.  Then bouldered for a bit at the Secret Garden, and all before I work at 3.  I’ve been training a lot at the Front, beings that I get free membership there.  And last night I played pick-up soccer for 2 hours.  Everything is awesome, it’s great to have the availability to be so active in such a small region.  Not to mention that I can spread my activities across a broad range.

Kolob Creek canyoneering, we had 15 rappels like this one. Gorgeous canyon, cold water. (Zion National Park)

So the jist, I’m really happy.  I still don’t have a place to live, currently squatting at my brothers place, sleeping in a tent in the backyard.  I hope to get a place this month, bank account permitting.  Anyways, that’s just a speed bump that really hasn’t affected how much love I have for this place already.

There’s my update for all you folks who have been asking.  As for you friends who have called me and I haven’t called you back, I haven’t forgotten to I promise.

Ryan and I at about 8,000 feet on Mt. Olympus, the day of the solar eclipse