Chapter Utah

Well, I finished college.  Easily the biggest step of my life, but at the moment a little bittersweet.  It’s funny how big my aspirations were when I started college.  I always envisioned myself grunting through my 4 years and finishing in a haze of fireworks and job offers.  Reality however has slapped me in the face.  I write to you from my brother’s couch, also known as my room.  I have officially began my contribution to America’s fabulous unemployment rate.  I was unable to procure a wildlife biology job thanks to one; a shitty hiring process and two; crappy job markets across the country (especially government jobs).  So here I am, fighting for a paycheck and hoping my bank account crutch holds me long enough till money starts rolling in.

Myself, and my brothers Ryan (right) and Rory (Middle)

Anyways, backstory.  My family from Alabama, and Florida came up to SD to watch me walk across the stage in the most boring graduation ceremony ever.  My brother came from Utah, and then drove my truck back to Salt Lake City and I followed behind in my car the next day.  I caught a cold on the way out, and suffered for about 7 days with it.  Last week I didn’t get out much with the cold, so my first week in SLC was hell.  I had a job interview at The Front Climbing Club as their Summer Programs Coordinator last Wednesday.  I got a callback for a second interview which I had this morning.


This past Friday (May 11) was my birthday.  I was still sick so Ryan bough my dinner and a beer and that was the end of the night.  Saturday we went on a sick hike through the foothills.  Saturday night Ryan threw a Birthday Birthday Birthday Welcome party.  It was mine, his, and his friend Andrew’s birthdays within a week and my welcome party in one all-encompassing bash.  Sunday I felt better so Ryan took me up Little Cottonwood Canyon to show me some crags, which got me super stoked to do some climbing.


Today I did a lot of work I had been putting off while sick, and then Ryan and I did a 15-mile bike ride up and down Immigration Canyon.  Tomorrow I’m leaving for the City of Rocks in Idaho to climb for 2 days with a guy Ryan introduced me to.  SO, finally, welcome to Utah 🙂