Highline’s Eve



Well, I’m nearing the day of the highline.  I’m making a pretty big deal out of this really, I guess that will go away the more highlines I do.  I’m not afraid to admit I’m poop my pants scared about it.  Wednesday we set up an 80 foot line between trees in the park.  It gave us all a chance to watch the rigging and to practice the set up again, also it gave us a chance to walk a line almost as long as the actual highline.  It’s actually pretty easy.  With the rigging you can get the line so tight it feels like it’s a short line.  I think everything is going to go smooth.  We practiced walking with the tether, and we practiced the start of the line.  Which I think is the crux of the whole thing, the line barely moves at the beginning of the anchor, which makes it exceptionally harder.  Should be hairy!

Ben on his first try, sorry the pics are such low quality, taken with my cell phone.

Taylor again

Myself, working through the hard part at the beginning.

The highline day is Saturday.  It will be set solely off of passive gear and will be the first highline to be set across Palisades State Park, near Sioux Falls, SD.