Who Can You Blame For You?

I say blame not in a derogatory manner but in a more endearing “this is who I am” manner.  There are so many people that shape us into who we are.  We had to write a “personality sketch” in my writing class that focused on a certain aspect of our lives that forms who we are.  Some people talked about traits their families share, or something that happened to them in life.  I just talked about my grandpa, a man who I think has influenced me more than anyone else.  The piece had to be 250 words or less and describe something/someone that makes us who we are.  Here’s mine….(Click continue reading below the photo to read my piece).

My Grandpa, Photo Credit: Ryan Rombough

Most people my age have best friends that went to school with them, grew up with them, lived with them, or maybe even played sports with them.  My best friend, however, is an old fart with no cartilage in his knees and two teeth missing.  My best friend isn’t in his twenties, or even less than that.  My best friend is in his 70’s and most of the time I just call him Grandpa.  He has the mentality of a teenager but the integrity and wisdom of 74 years.  He’s the man that when he talks, everyone listens, unless of course you’re my grandma then you just tell him to shut up.  I call my grandpa twice a week and I can tell him anything without censor.  How many people can tell their grandpa about how they got so drunk that they ate flowers, and he counters it with a better story?

My best friend has been there for me my whole life, whether I knew it or not.  It takes moving away from someone to realize just how important he or she is to you.  I would say he’s my role model, but that title doesn’t do justice to the amount of admiration I have for him.

My grandpa is a husband, a pilot, a hero, a dad, a workaholic, and a fisherman, but most of all he’s just the big goober that I call my best friend.