Winter’s Ugly White Ass

A lot of people really like snow.  My friends in Utah, and Colorado are raging about the snow, and how excited they are that it’s here.  Ever experienced snow in South Dakota, it SUCKS!  It’s been unseasonably warm here this year, and Friday was part of that trend.  We had temps in the upper 40’s with sunshine and a light breeze.  By 12am Saturday morning, it was in the low teens and blizzarding something fierce.  We all woke up to 5 inches of fresh snow and a 20 mph wind dumping more in a sideways fashion.  Made for an interesting weekend of deer hunting with my family.

This is what it looked like Saturday morning at 730am

We had reduced visibility to maybe 300 yards at best.

Warming our hands over halogen lights in the shed afterwards.

My cousin and I had to warm our hands over these halogen work lights right after our evening hunt.  If you look close at my right hand (hands with no gloves) you can see the steam rising from my right wrist.


The perfect way to cheer yourself up after sitting in -14 degree temperatures for an hour.

This is my 15 year old cousin Trevor. He smoked this 12 point buck this morning (Monday) while I was in class. Congrats Trevor, awesome deer.

Trevor took a once in a lifetime buck this morning.  I’m really happy for him, he deserved it! Now let’s get his sister one 🙂