Out With the Old, in With the New

Remember being a noob?  I remember thinking I was the coolest thing since mullets, well OK so mullets are still rad.  You get my point.  I had a BD momentum harness, a BD belay device and some Mad Rock shoes and I even bought a chalk bag from a dude off of ebay.  I told everyone I was a rock climber, even though I had barely climbed outside and spent my days pulling plastic in the tiniest gym you could imagine….on auto belays.  Yeah…AUTO BELAYS.

I grew up though, so give me a break.

I would say that unfortunately the “old” in the title is me, but I enjoy the experience I’ve gained.  When I first started working at the indoor climbing gym on campus there was just a few of us who climbed hard on a regular basis.  We added cronies as time went and we grew to the substantial squadron of dirtbags we are now, that’s right, I said squadron.  Anyways, all the recruits we had were Juniors/Seniors and we had no hope of an SDSU climbing group after all of us graduated.

Finally, we have our saving grace.  I’ve been worried we wouldn’t have anyone to continue being obnoxious in the climbing gym after we were all gone.  Someone has to continue on not letting the red tape overrun our gym and turn it into a yuppie infested, children’s playplace.   Three freshman have taken the climbing bait and we’ve reeled them in like we were using a winch.  The best part about it, they have true potential not only as climbers, but as obnoxious, loud, and insubordinate rock wall employees.  Insubordinate isn’t the best word, we run that place perfectly, but we don’t wear shoes like were supposed to, we lead when were not supposed to, we have some risque route names, we swing all over the ropes and we climb whenever we want.  These guys will carry it on, keeping the climbing atmosphere chill instead of uptight like the management wants it.

Here’s to Drew, James, and Lance.  You guys may still be gym rats, but you’re on your way.  Just remember, don’t let the gym swallow you up and always treat it as a training ground.  The true spirit, the true adventure in climbing lies in the climbing you do outdoors.  Never choose indoor climbing over outdoor climbing when the weather permits.

Keep it real fellas, you’ve got an amazing alumni to live up to.