Back in the Saddle, kind of.

I went archery elk hunting in Colorado two weeks ago and came home elkless, but scored a bum ankle.  I was hiking out after dark on a scree slope when the trail I was on gave way under my left foot.  As the left side of my body started downhill my right side reacted to stop it and my ankle rolled underneath my 175 lbs.  All I heard was a grotesque pop with a blast of pain following shortly after.  I tested my weight on it, and it hurt, but didn’t feel broken. I hiked the final 3.5 miles out and it hasn’t been 100% since.

It started to feel good late last week but then Tour de Franzia came and went.  A night of intoxicated bicycling or falling off bicycles rather, didn’t do it much good.  The next morning it was so mad at me that it swelled and turned purple to show me.  I decided I should probably buy a brace.  It’s been in the brace for most of every day and I’ve been icing and elevating it when I can.  The swelling is down, and it’s a normal color now and a lot of pain is gone.  Tonight I met a climber at the rock wall who told me he’s had similar injuries due to bouldering falls.  He told me that he would wear a brace and traverse around really low and allow his ankle to flex under his weight.  After doing that for a week or so he said the ligament seems to strengthen and heal itself.

So after two full weeks of no climbing (centuries in climbing time), I got back on the wall tonight.  I traversed for a while and it felt good so I tried a few easier top ropes.  (It’s an indoor climbing wall so give me a break on the top-rope tough guy spiel) It felt good but I started to feel a twinge with a few pressured flags on the right foot so I came down with a smile and left it at that.  I have a big trip this weekend and the last thing I want to do is render myself crippled beforehand.  Got some needles climbing to do, and that’s about 600% better than indoor climbing any day.